I always feel like I'm not being heard...

How can I be heard more clearly by others?

It often feels like no-one understands me.

How can I be a more effective communicator?

This project is turning into a war zone!

How can I resolve all these conflicting perspectives?

Work is really stressing me out just now.

How can I feel my best and still perform at my best?

I feel overwhelmed by unexpected challenges.

How can I positively engage with work challenges?

My usual leadership style isn't working any more.

How can I choose my most effective leadership style?

No-one understands my leadership vision.

How can I inspire confidence and belief in others?

The reality of our culture doesn't match our vision.

How can we create the culture that we really need?

Human enable you to do the work that matters most through…

…enabling you to feel better, to do more and to be human.

Human design and deliver immersive workshop experiences which enable you, as an individual, or part of an organisation, to navigate complex business challenges in a powerfully innovative way. Led by extensively experienced educationalist Ashley Petrie and award-winning business psychologist Ian McLaren Wallace, Human are a global group of diversely talented associates, who inspire you to unleash your potential in a very human way.

Rather than continually judging and assessing you, we help you to realise the potential of your ideas and inspirations so that you can bring them into powerful reality. Although the workshops we create are based on the latest scientific research and evidence, we deliver them in a very warm and empathetic manner, consistently enabling you and your colleagues to get the most out of your workshop experiences.

Human Workshops are safe and comfortable environments that provide you with the opportunity to go deeper than you might normally do, giving you the confidence to go to the edge of what seems possible, so that you can move beyond it into the truly valuable. We are based in the vibrant city of Dundee in Scotland and we work all over the world to deliver our unique workshops to a wide range of clients, specialising in high performance organisations and high potential individuals.

Human Associates

Feel Better. Do More. Be Human.