The Most Effective Leadership Approach

The principle of Being A Human Leader is understanding the type of leader who you need to be, so you can be truly effective in any situation. Constantly applying the same leadership style produces limited understanding and ineffective results. Rather than being constrained by narrow definitions of leadership styles, Being A Human Leader enables you to choose the most effective leadership approach for any challenge you may encounter.

Different Leadership Styles

We begin the being a human leader workshop by investigating the types of leaders encountered in any organisation and how effective those different leadership styles are in dealing with a variety of challenging situations. As we examine these leadership styles, using real-life examples from your workplace and others, we will find that there is no one size fits all leader.

Most Appropriate Leadership Process

It can be tempting to think that leadership is simply a quality that you can acquire, like an object to be attained. The reality is that being a leader is a process, not a set of static qualities, and to be the best leader you can be, you need to apply the most appropriate leadership process to the specific challenge that you and your colleagues are encountering.

Unexpected Challenges and Opportunities

The capacity to choose the most appropriate leadership style for a particular situation gives you the business agility to make the most of unexpected challenges and opportunities. A fundamental aspect of any leadership style is the ability to confidently and comfortably step into the unknown and actively question the growth possibilities and potential setbacks that may be encountered.

Apply Your Talents As A Leader

Attempting to rigidly adhere to one leadership style usually results in a situation where you feel uncomfortable about stepping into the unknown and unfamiliar, and so you may miss out on exciting opportunities to lead your team forward into greater levels of achievement. By confidently accessing your range of leadership styles, you will always be able to apply your talents as a leader to be the most effective in any situation.

Range Of Leadership Styles

During the workshop, we will be working with real-world leadership challenges from your workplace, so you will be able to work through your range of leadership styles and identify those which are most appropriate and effective. As you work through these challenges in a safe and encouraging environment, you will undoubtedly find that applying the most appropriate leadership style is becoming second nature to you.

Choose Your Leadership Style

By the end of the workshop, you will have the capacity to lead your colleagues in a much more human and inspiring way by applying the most effective leadership style for any situation, rather than just going through the motions of typical leadership cliches. The more that you use your capacity to choose your leadership style, the more dynamic and successful leader you will become.