Creating a Human Conversation

All Human Workshops are based on the fundamental skill of knowing how to create powerful Human Conversations. Although most people think they are having effective conversations, they are not actually listening to what is really being said. Creating a Human Conversation enables you to ask meaningful questions that provide listening space and thinking time, reflecting the value of each person’s contribution.

Asking Meaningful Questions

We begin the Human Conversations Workshop by investigating the power of asking meaningful questions and conducting conversations that have purpose. How many questions do you ask a day? How many questions are you asked? Although your previous experience may have been that conversations are just something that happen to you and your colleagues, the reverse is true. You create the conversation and everything that emerges during it.

How To Hold Conversation Space

As you practice your questioning skills in the safe and comfortable space of the workshop, you will become more aware of whether you truly listen to the response and the language that is being used by yourself and others. You will also learn how to hold conversation space so that you can provide adequate time for the real answer to emerge.

Perfect Your Questioning Skills

As you perfect your questioning skills with other participants, you will naturally find that your questions are leading you into conversations. You may have previously experienced most business conversations as being largely meaningless, because they are filled with jargon and assumptions, which are often used to avoid dealing with the deeper issues that you really need to resolve.

Planning Your Conversation

We will guide you through the process of moving straight to these deeper issues by planning your conversation before embarking on it. By doing so, you can always get to what matters most in the first few minutes of your conversation, rather than waiting until the end as most people do.

What Matters Most In A Conversation

What matters most in a conversation is usually expressed by using imagery and metaphor, and by listening out for and examining these linguistic illustrations, you can achieve a far clearer understanding of the tensions and challenges that you are facing. The conversations that you practice in the workshop give you the opportunity to unpack the language that you and others use, so that you can really understand what is actually being said.

Opportunity To Resolve Real Issues

By the end of the workshop, you will have had the opportunity to practice asking rich questions and the time to consider how you engage in a conversation. The conversation topics that we will be using will be directly applicable topics from your workplace, so as well as understanding how to ask questions and create a conversation, you will also have the opportunity to resolve real issues.