Make The Most Of All Opportunities

It is essential when Developing Human Resilience to build your awareness of potential stressors and triggers, which may cause unnecessary setbacks for you. The usual response to workplace challenges is avoidance and passive acceptance of perceived personal limitations. Developing Human Resilience provides you with the capacity to positively engage with criticism and self-doubt, so that you can quickly bounce back and make the most of all opportunities.

Inner Dialogues

We begin the developing human resilience workshop by investigating the inner voices we all routinely hear in our inner dialogues. We usually experience these inner dialogues as passive listeners but by using our questioning and conversation skills, we can actively engage with our inner dialogues and use them as a resource for becoming more resilient.

Expressing A Range Of Perspectives

Although you may often think of yourself as being one single identity, as shown on your security pass or passport, your inner dialogue comprises a number of voices, all of which are expressing a range of perspectives. Rather than trying to ignore these inner voices, we demonstrate how you can actively engage with them, so that you can access a deeper understanding of any situation.

Engage With Your Inner Dialogue

As you engage with your inner dialogue, you will invariably encounter voices that suggest that you are being overly critical of your own abilities and are doubting your ability to achieve a successful outcome. It can be easy to passively listen to these internal dialogues, filling yourself with self-doubt and feeling that there is no way to overcome the challenges that you are encountering.

Bounce Back From Challenging Events

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by workplace challenges and continuing setbacks, we demonstrate how working with your inner dialogue enables you to access the more powerful parts of your character. As you do so, you will naturally become aware that you can use these innate human characteristics to empower yourself and bounce back from challenging events.

Safe And Comfortable Environment

During the workshop, we will be working with real-world challenges from your workplace, so you will be able to engage with your inner dialogue are very practical and effective manner. As you work through these challenges in a safe and comfortable environment, your levels of resilience will naturally increase, so that you will feel confident and effective in engaging with any unexpected challenges.

Capacity For Resilience

By the end of the workshop, you will have powerfully increased your capacity for resilience, and rather than trying to avoid situations which may involve complex challenges and undoubted setbacks, you will be making the choice to actively engage with those challenges. The more that you realise that you have the resilience to successfully deal with the unexpected, the more likely it is that you will make the most of surprising new opportunities.