Communicate In The Most Effective Way

The foundation of Effective Human Communication is knowing who you are in the conversation, so you can clearly present your perspective. Lack of clarity and unresolved tension in most communication is caused by seeking approval from others, rather than being yourself. Effective Human Communication recognises and embraces your inner voice so you can choose to present yourself and what you need to communicate in the most effective way.

Conversations That Really Matter

We begin the Effective Human Communication workshop by reviewing the fundamentals of human conversations, of how to ask the powerful questions that enable you to generate the conversations that really matter. As we investigate the process of communication in greater depth, we invite you to share real-life examples from your workplace, which illustrate a lack of clarity and unresolved tensions.

Actively Engaging With Tension

Rather than trying to avoid the tension by simply using platitudes and jargon, as most conversation processes do, we demonstrate how you can positively engage with the underlying tension in any situation. As you gain confidence in actively engaging with tension, you will find that it is a consistently reliable indicator of what matters most, rather than something to be avoided at all costs.

More Self-Aware And Situationally Aware

As you practice actively engaging with tension, you will find that you are naturally becoming a much more effective human communicator. You will also become more attuned to the different aspects of yourself that you use in communicating, and how you can use these to become more self-aware and situationally aware.

Communicate With Powerful Clarity

As you become more aware that you can use these different aspects of yourself to clearly communicate in different situations, it will become easier and easier for you to communicate with powerful clarity. It can be tempting to think that you should always communicate in exactly the same way, in every situation but doing so will simply result in cliches and confusion.

Strong And Unambiguous Voice

Using real-world issues from your workplace, we will guide you through the process of choosing what aspects of yourself will be most effective in providing you with a strong and unambiguous voice. You will then have the opportunity to practice using your heightened self-awareness to work through the issue from various perspectives, so that you will be able to communicate as effectively as humanly possible.

A More Effective Communicator

By the end of the workshop, you will have become a more effective communicator by increasing your awareness of how you are expressing yourself and how you can choose to use those aspects of yourself that will be most effective in a specific situation. This means that difficult workplace issues that may have been ambiguous and muddled get resolved.