Complex Set Of Processes

The origin of Human Cultural Transformation is becoming aware of the stories that are being told in your organisation at all levels, which naturally reflect what is actually happening instead of what ideally should be happening. Culture is often regarded as an object, a thing to be prescriptively transformed, rather than as a complex set of processes that everyone contributes to. Human Cultural Transformation enables you to minimise stories that are no longer effective and identify the powerful stories that you need to amplify.

Engage With these Dynamic Flows

We begin the Human Cultural Transformation workshop by investigating the range of perspectives that you currently express about your culture. Although culture is often regarded as a static set of objects, it is actually a dynamically flowing set of processes. Transforming your culture requires you to engage with these dynamic flows and understand them more comprehensively.

Express These Aligned Perspectives

It may seem easier to simply describe the culture that you would ideally like to achieve and then encourage everyone participating the culture to prescriptively live those values and express these aligned perspectives.

Engage With the Stories

The reality is, however, that culture is not just a set of idealised values and prescribed perspectives. The people participating in a culture reflect that culture and live it by the stories they tell. To influence and engage with the culture you need to engage with the stories that are being told. Stories are told at all levels of your culture and if you want to transform your culture, it is necessary to engage with stories at all levels.

Identify The Stories

We will guide you through the process of story collection and help you to identify the stories that you would like to hear more of and the stories that you would like to hear less. As we work through this, you will be able to identify the characteristics of stories that you need to amplify and the types of stories that you would like to dissipate.

Engage With Your Culture

During the workshop, we will be working with real-world cultural stories from your enterprise space, so you will have the opportunity to engage with your culture as it is being lived and described by your colleagues and stakeholders. As you explore this wider big picture awareness in greater detail, you will also be able to see how the stories that you tell are reflected in your culture and how they naturally influence it.

Creating A Cultural Success Story

By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to influence and encourage the stories that you want to hear more of from your culture. Instead of being seen as prescriptive propaganda, the opportunity to share in creating a cultural success story is invariably welcomed by everyone participating in the culture. Culture is a story to be told, not an object to be defined.