Setting Healthy Boundaries

The basis of Human Emotional Wellbeing is navigating the tension between who you are and who you feel you are expected to be. Most workplace stress is caused by not setting healthy boundaries between your own needs and the apparent needs of others. Achieving Human Emotional Wellbeing enables you to explore what matters most and realise your sense of purpose.

Who You Feel You Really Are

We begin the human emotional well-being workshop by investigating the differences between who you feel you really are and who you feel you are expected to be by others. We also explore any differences between who you feel you are now and the person who you would like to become. The reason for doing this is that one of the main causes of stress is trying to live up to idealised expectations that have little real value.

Confidently Step Into Tension

As we explore the differences between who you feel you are expected to be and who you actually need to be, we naturally identify the fundamental stresses and tensions that you are facing in your workplace challenges. Although the usual approach to encountering and identifying tension is to step back from it and avoid it, we demonstrate how to create a safe and comfortable space, which enables you to confidently step into tension.

Strong And Secure Boundary

By making the choice to step into tension, you naturally create a strong and secure boundary around yourself. Creating this natural boundary, by stepping into the tension, enables you to become far more centred because you have made the positive choice to actively engage with the tension, rather than feeling as if you are being passively subjected to it.

Highest Level Of Effectiveness

Choosing to actively engage with the tension also helps you to become more aware that you can choose who you want to be in the situation and who you feel you need to be. This enables you to operate at your highest level of effectiveness rather than working in a way that is unnatural for you, in order to gain the apparent approval and acceptance of others.

Reducing Stress And Tension Levels

During the workshop, we will be working with real-world issues from your workplace, so you will be able to identify the most effective choices that you can make in any situation. As you make these powerful and effective choices you will invariably find that you’re not only reducing your own levels of stress and tension but that you’re also reducing stress and tension levels for others.

Ability To Create Clear Boundaries

By the end of the workshop, you will be much more capable of reducing stress and tension levels in your workplace, even in high consequence and high-impact situations. Your ability to create clear boundaries around who you are, what you need and what you believe, will also inspire others in your workplace to do the same, leading to a natural reduction in stresses and tensions.