Engaging With The Unspoken Tensions

The starting point for Resolving Human Conflicts is engaging with the unspoken tensions that are routinely avoided in the workplace. Although it may appear easier to ignore these underlying tensions, they will inevitably increase unless they are identified and challenged. Resolving Human Conflicts enables everyone involved to name tensions and own their contributions, so they can use this deeper understanding to achieve shared goals.

How To Ask The Powerful Questions

We begin the resolving human conflicts workshop by reviewing the fundamentals of human conversations, of how to ask the powerful questions that enable you to generate conversations that will really make a difference for you. We also review how you can communicate most effectively, with clarity and power, by continuing to develop your self-awareness and situational awareness.

Conflict From Your Workplace

Although it may often seem as if most workplace conflicts are instigated intentionally, the reality is that most conflicts are the unforeseen outcomes of a lack of clarity and unintentional misunderstandings. By using real-life examples of conflict from your workplace, we will demonstrate how you can clearly identify intentional contributions from those which are unintentional.

Positive And Healthy Outcomes

By clearly understanding what factors are contributing to the conflict, you have the opportunity to understand and own your contribution, as well as being able to identify what others may be contributing to the conflict. Through understanding contributions and owning them, you naturally create a process focused on positive and healthy outcomes, rather than becoming stuck in a culture of finger-pointing and blame.

Unresolved Inner World Conflicts

Outer world conflicts in the workplace often emerge because of unresolved inner world conflicts. By becoming more aware of where you might be internally conflicted in particular situations you can become far more skilled at owning your own contributions to a situation, rather than unconsciously blaming the conflict on the apparently intentional actions of other people.

Clearly Naming Underlying Tensions

By using real-world issues from your workplace, you will be able to practice the process of clearly naming underlying tensions in a positive and healthy manner, so that contributions to any conflict can be identified and owned by anyone participating in. After naming and owning the tensions, you then have the opportunity to make choices around those tensions, so that you can use them in the most effective manner.

Skilled In Resolving Human Conflicts

By the end of the workshop, you will become far more skilled in resolving human conflicts in the workplace, by working with those tensions that are emerging with high potential for getting out of control. Also working with existing human conflicts so that you can safely de-escalate them in a positive and gracious manner, leading to a healthy outcome.