The Risk A Version source method is a way to make sense of the contextual behaviours that a person will need to be their most effective in navigating a complex challenge.


The Risk A Version concept is based on the awareness that people have a choice in how they they perceive themselves and how they are perceived by others, consciously or unconscious. Conventional ways of working suggest that there is only one version of the self, which remains unchanging, no matter the circumstances or context. The reality is that our self-perceptions, and how we are perceived by others, largely depends on the context the circumstances we are currently navigating. Attempting to apply the same self-perceptions to every situation can result in rigid and ineffective behaviour, with the self is defended rather than being open to development. The Risk A Version process invites people to try out different self-perceptions so that they can choose which one will be most effective for navigating their current situation.


The purpose of Risk A Version is to explore and engage with self-perceptions, both from an individual perspective and also collectively from the perceptions of others. By exploring self-perceptions, people naturally develop a wider and deeper awareness of how they can be the best version of themselves when navigating complex and uncertain situations. As people realise that they do not always have to show up in the same stereotyped manner, they naturally develop their self-awareness and situational awareness into a more rounded world view. By trying out different versions of who they are, who they would like to be and who they have been, a deeper sense of self is developed that provides a feeling of resilience and  psychological safety.


  • • To perform effectively in novel and unusual situations
  • • To influence and modulate behaviours
  • • To choose the approach that will result in the most effective outcome
  • • To understand self-perceptions
  • • To make sense of conflicting self-perceptions
  • • To be the best version of yourself in uncertain situations
  • • To move beyond expected behaviours that may be limiting
  • • To develop a more rounded worldview
  • • To build psychological safety through self affirmation
  • • To  encourage resilience through character development


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