The Human Stories Space


A Human Story is a coalescence of perceptions and perspectives that guide you as you find meaning, purpose and potential in patterns of human behaviour. Human Stories are a way of making sense of the patterns of human behaviour that are emerging, existing and evolving in the situation that you are in.

The function of the Story Space is not to absolutely define your perceptions and perspectives of your story. They are intended to guide you on your quest to find meaning, realise purpose and unleash potential.

You may often find yourself identifying different arcs in your story as you progress through different situations, so just play around with the Story Space to make more sense of your story and how to make it the story you want to live in the situation.

If you would like to play around with your Human Stories Space, you can download the free Human Stories App.

And to find out more about working in the Human Stories Space, whether as an individual or with your organisation, contact us and let’s explore where our journey together might take us.