The Human Space is an award-winning psychological framework for making sense of individual and collective human behaviours. This unique framework creates the Human Spaces to access the valuable human awarenesses that are usually unseen and unspoken. These spaces are psychologically safe and provide a secure environment to explore and discover meaning, purpose and potential in your work. The Human Space has been purposefully designed to be easily scalable, so it can be used to consistently make sense from an individual perspective and also to make sense of teams, organisations and cultures.

With its basis in contemporary Nobel Prize winning cognition theory, the Human Space can be naturally differentiated into a range of sense making processes. These include Spaces, which identify perceptions, and Edges, which describe perceptual flows across the boundaries between inside and outside. Sense making Spaces are formed by naturally differentiating the fundamental Human Space circle into a range of different perceptual Spaces.


These Spaces are used to to make sense of different perceptions and processes such as team dynamics, leadership development and cultural transformation. The Spaces are perceptually consistent, enabling them to be used multimodally when making sense of complex and dynamic situations. Edges are formed at the perceptual boundaries between the inside and outside of the Human Space. Working with the Edges enables the flow of perceptions to be understood as they feed forward and feed back across perceptual boundaries.


The multimodal consistency of Human Spaces means that they can use to make sense of the nature of relationships throughout an organisation. These sense making processes can be used to understand how individuals relate to one another, and also how individuals relate to a leader, a team or a culture. Sense can also be made of how individual perceptions relate to internal dialogue and how that may be perceived by other people. By identifying and understanding what is usually unseen and intangible, the Human Space naturally creates a scalable space for making sense of human nature and consistently bringing out the best in it.