Human Stacks are specifically designed combinations of Human Sources methods. Human Sources are designed as consistent sense making methods,  so Human Stacks can be assembled from Human Sources to navigate particular challenges that are often complex with no apparent route to a successful outcome.

We can provide ready-assembled Human Stacks, designed to be used with commonly encountered business challenges, such as stakeholder alignment or evolving mindset. You can also assemble your own Human Stacks to navigate a challenge that is specific to you, so that you can successfully achieve your chosen objectives.

A fundamental part of working with any complex challenge, or seemingly intractable problem, is the ability to see the bigger picture beyond the obvious perceptions and perspectives. Working with Human Stacks gives you the opportunity to understand those deeper stories and where everyone is on their wider journeys.

Understanding the deeper stories and wider journeys naturally gives you the capacity to work at scale across an organisation.  One of the biggest challenges encountered in any organisational transformation is being able to transform at scale without having to resort to generally ineffective rigid and rule-based approaches.

Any large-scale organisational change is not a logical, step-by-step plan with known and definite outcomes. It is an unknown and unfamiliar landscape where people have to step into uncertainty. And as they step into uncertainty, they naturally look for ways to orient themselves, to make sense of where they are and where they need to go.

When the way ahead seems uncertain, Human Stacks enable you to apply the business superpowers of self-awareness and situational awareness at scale so that you can collectively navigate complexity and uncertainty.  As you do so, you will make the transformative breakthroughs that you have been searching for, in a very powerful and practical way.