The Actual. Habitual. Protocol. Ritual. source method is a way to make sense of the actions that people take and identify the often unspoken reasons for those actions.


The Actual. Habitual. Protocol. Ritual. concept is based on the observation that people often act according to habits, protocols, and rituals when navigating a challenge, rather than identifying and actually taking meaningful action. While some specific habits, protocols and rituals can be useful in taking meaningful action, they are often acted out unconsciously without any focus on an actual outcome. Instead of taking action without thinking or considering the wider context of a situation, this source method identifies the most specific and meaningful actions to be taken.


The purpose of Actual. Habitual. Protocol. Ritual.  is to understand why specific actions are being taken and identify what actions will result in the most meaningful outcomes for a specific situation. It is a way to decide what habits, protocols and rituals are useful, and those which are less useful or no longer required in this particular situation. By actually identifying habits, protocols and rituals, and understanding why they are used, people can direct their actions towards more meaningful outcomes. After identifying actual, habitual, protocol and ritual actions, people can also create new habits, protocols and rituals if they will result in more meaningful actions. Understanding why people take the actions that they do results in greater awareness of their actions and potential outcomes.


  • • Identifying the most meaningful actions that can be taken
  • • Identifying habits that are useful and not so useful
  • • Identifying protocols that help the process and those that may not
  • • Identifying rituals that structure meaning and those that may not
  • • Letting go of habits that are no longer useful
  • • Moving beyond protocols that are just going through the motions
  • • Breaking free of rituals that no longer have any meaning
  • • Moving beyond assumptions about permission levels


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