The Boundary Possibilities source method is a way to make sense of boundaries to progress that often form unconsciously, so that the possibilities that may lie beyond those boundaries can be explored effectively.


The Boundary Possibilities is based on the natural human process of perspective formation and orientation within those perspectives. As people form perspectives, they naturally use these perspectives to orient themselves and differentiate the various aspects of a situation. This differentiation process mainly occurs at an unconscious level and results in boundaries between the various aspects that are being differentiated. As a result, the boundaries  being formed are often perceived unconsciously as well. As these perspective boundaries often seem to be invisible and unconscious, it can be easy to unconsciously become accustomed to these boundaries and think that nothing exists beyond them. Rather than being complacent or content with a situation, the source method invites exploration of opportunities beyond what currently seems possible.


The purpose of Boundary Possibilities is to identify boundaries that have been formed and to understand possible opportunities that may exist beyond those boundaries. As many boundaries in human perspectives and perceptions form unconsciously, people can feel constrained from exploring possibilities without really knowing why. By identifying boundaries and delineating them, people can explore the opportunities that lie beyond those boundaries. Often, those possibilities are adjacent possibilities that do not require much movement or progress to be made to achieve valuable outcomes that were previously thought unlikely or impossible.


  • • To identify unspoken and unconscious boundaries to progress
  • • To explore limits of viewpoints and opinions
  • • To understand where permission may be needed
  • • To navigate apparent barriers to progress


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