The Effect And Cause source method is a way to make sense of what actions need to be taken to achieve a specific outcome by journeying backwards from the desired result.


The  Effect And Cause concept is based on the natural human tendency to view any outcome is the result of a linear series of specific steps that inevitably led to that particular outcome. Viewing these steps retrospectively can lead to the belief that repeating these specific steps will always lead to the same outcome in any situation. This can close down options and possibilities and also result and habitual and ritualised ways of taking action to achieve a specific outcome. Rather than always trying to apply same procedures to every situation, Effect and Cause works with different routes to the same outcome and views these far more systemic perspective.


possibilities for achieving a specific outcome. Instead of trying to plot a linear progression to the outcome, with the outcome as an endpoint, Effect And Cause turns the process around and uses the endpoint as a start point. By using the endpoint as a start point, it becomes much easier to explore the different possibilities and choices so that the journey from cause to effect becomes more multi-threaded. This multi-threading provides a much deeper and wider awareness of the various aspects of the systems involved. This deeper and wider awareness naturally creates resilience and resourcefulness in ensuring a successful outcome.


  • • To identify a course of action
  • • To create a vision
  • • To explore multiple actions and their potential outcomes
  • • To navigate complexity


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