The Emerging, Existing, Evolving source method is a way to make sense of how different perceptions are generated by journeying through past, present and future.


The Emerging, Existing, Evolving concept is based on the natural human behaviour of people feeling that their current perceptions and perspectives on a situation are the way that they have always been and always will be. This feeling is often reinforced by the observation of workplace protocols and the enactment of habitual behaviours. For any change or transformation to occur positively and healthily in the workplace, it is valuable for people to become more aware of how their perceptions and perspectives have changed over a period of time, opening them up to the opportunity to change and evolve their awareness in the future.


The purpose of Emerging, Existing, EvolvingĀ is to develop the self awareness and situational awareness of how perceptions and perspectives emerge, exist and evolve over time. By understanding how their perceptions and perspectives have shifted from when they emerged to how they exist now, people become much more open to the possibility of evolving the awarenesses further. Many individuals and organisations also tend to be focused on the promise of an idealised future and can forget how far they have come in their journey. This focus on of the past often means that achievements are not celebrated and individuals feel like they are never good enough performing as well as they could. Emerging, Existing, Evolving put the evolution of awareness to perspective by making sense of how it emerges, how it can become stuck in an unfulfilled existence and hurt fold further to greater true fulfilment.


  • • To understand a situation from a time perspective
  • • To reflect on what has happened during a process or initiative
  • • To make sense of what unexpectedly emerged during the process
  • • To understand how the existing situation emerged from the previous situation
  • • To explore how the existing situation may evolve into new possibilities
  • • To investigate what might emerge from the evolved situation


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