The Human Quest source method is a way to make sense of the wider context of a challenge that is being encountered so that choices for navigating the challenge can be more fully explored.


The  Human Quest concept is based on the the awareness that there are often no simple answers when navigating a complex and uncertain situation. It can naturally seem easier to favour the apparent certainty of simple answers but making sense of complexity and uncertainty usually requires a different questioning approach. This different approach works with questions not just as binary choices with yes or no answers but moves beyond that where questions become explorations of uncertain and complex territory. Asking a question using the Human Quest method is an invitation in to go on a quest, and journey of discovery.


The purpose of Human Quest is to develop situational awareness by exploring the wider circumstances as a way of making sense of a complex and uncertain situation and moving towards a decision. By starting with the awareness that there is no right answer or simple solution, it becomes much easier to open up options and possibilities that are not immediately apparent. The Human Quest process also helps people in move beyond entrained thinking patterns and habitually fixed perspectives to see a situation in a different way, so that progress can be made. Using Human Quest to work with open ended outcomes often results in increases in levels of creativity and innovation.


  • • To develop situational awareness
  • • To make sense of the wider circumstances
  • • To explore the complexities and uncertainties of a situation
  • • To increase awareness before making a decision
  • • To open up options and possibilities that are not immediately apparent
  • • To move beyond entrained thinking patterns
  • • To move beyond habitually fixed perspectives
  • • To make progress by making sense of different perspectives
  • • To increase levels of creativity and innovation


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