The I – I Conversation source method is a way to make sense of the range of voices individuals hear in their inner dialogues and how those voices can be effectively engaged.


The I – I Conversation concept is based on the natural human behaviour of engaging in internal dialogue that involves a number of different internal voices, which can often be in conflict with each other. A particular voice will often be unconsciously dominant in specific contexts, resulting in behaviours that may not be useful or appropriate for that situation. Inner voices also contribute to situations where a person is in two minds about the situation, often resulting in apparent indecisiveness or stressful experiences. By actively engaging with their internal voices, people will naturally give themselves the opportunity to behave more authentically rather than feeling constrained by habitual behaviours.


The purpose of I – I Conversation is to clearly identify the different internal dialogue advices so that they can be engaged with in a healthy and positive manner. By engaging in conversation with inner voices, a person naturally arrives at a deeper understanding of their perceptions and perspectives. Working with inner voices in an I – I Conversation as a practical and powerful method to clarify thinking and to transform behaviours beyond those which are often based on habit, protocol or ritual. It also provides a person with opportunities to engage with the different aspects of themselves so that they can use their different characteristics in a healthy and positive way in a variety of situations.


  • • To make sense of a variety of conflicting individual perceptions and perspectives
  • • To engage with internal dialogue
  • • To develop certainty of purpose
  • • To become more aware of habitual perceptions and perspectives
  • • To move beyond continual self-criticism
  • • To think and feel more coherently about the situation
  • • To unlock and develop latent self potential
  • • To be more authentic


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