The I– You Conversation source method is a way to make sense of how two individuals can relate their different perceptions and perspectives to one another most effectively.


The  I– You Conversation concept is based on the natural human behaviour of bringing awareness from the unconscious to the conscious through the process of conversation. One of the main ways that people think is by speaking thoughts out loud to another person. As they do so, they have the opportunity to identify and articulate their perceptions and perspectives. Often, the perceptions and perspectives that are spoken are not those heard by the conversation partner. The  I– You Conversation creates an iterative conversation space that enables the convergence of what is being said and what is being heard, leading to deeper and more powerful conversations.


The purpose of the I– You Conversation  is to provide the opportunity to identify and clarify what is emerging from a person’s awareness in a particular situation. The I– You Conversation is used when people are stepping into uncertainty as a prelude to exploring opportunity. This can be stepping into external uncertainty are stepping into uncertainties in their inner worlds. The I– You Conversation can also be used in conflict resolution and mediation by enabling people to understand the difference between what they think they are saying and what is being heard by other people. Another purpose of the I– You Conversation is to identify and understand authority gradients and power dynamics within a group of people.


  • • To develop healthier connections between individuals
  • • To resolve conflicting perceptions and perspectives in particular situations
  • • To gain a deeper understanding of intentional and unintentional actions
  • • To explore complex and uncertain issues in greater depth
  • • To arrive at an authentic understanding of an issue
  • • To move beyond platitudes and euphemisms into honest and powerful conversation


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