The Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated. source method is used to make sense of how perceptions are being formed and perspectives generated in a particular situation.


The Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated. concept is based on the natural human processes of perception generation and perspective formation. Almost all of our perceptual processes occur at an unconscious level of awareness, so they can be challenging to work with when using conventional methods.  The Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated. process uses the Human Edge perceptual framework to develop awareness of how individuals are generating perceptions and forming perspectives. By becoming more aware of the feedforward and feedback of perceptions between an individual’s inner world and outer world. Becoming more aware of perceptual flows enables individuals to positively and healthily engage with their perceptions and behaviours.


The purpose of Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated. is to develop deeper and wider awareness of how perceptions are formed, so that individual and collective perceptions of a situation can be more fully understood. Making sense of uncertain and complex situations requires individuals to understand the perceptions that they are generating and how they may be forming assumptions about a particular situation. The Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated. method can use this increased level of self and situational awareness to modulate and influence behaviours, individually and collectively. Becoming more aware of the flow of perceptions across the self boundary between inner worlds and Outer worlds is a consistent way of initiating and engaging with the flow state. This perceptual flow can also be used to work with the creative process and move concepts into reality by generating and prototyping innovations.


  • • To make sense of uncertain and complex situations
  • • To make sense of a situation so that decisions and actions can be taken
  • • To understand individual perceptions of a situation
  • • To understand collective perceptions of a situation
  • • To initiate and engage with a flow state
  • • To increase self-awareness and situational awareness
  • • To move concepts into reality
  • • To generate and prototype innovations
  • • To identify previously unseen opportunities
  • • To modulate and influence behaviours


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