The Meaning, Purpose, Potential source method is a way to make sense of where people find meaning in the work they do, how they realise their purpose and how they can unlock their potential.


The Meaning, Purpose, Potential concept is based on the awareness that people naturally seek meaning in their work, need purpose in that work and explore the potential of their work. Meaning, purpose and potential, however, are usually overlooked as abstract concepts with no return an investment or impact on the bottom line. In fact, the reality is that the more meaningful a person finds work, the more likely they are to be engaged and inspired by it. The more purpose that they find in their work, the more likely they are to maintain their performance and create greater value. The more potential that they say in their work, the more likely they are to believe in what they do and to explore opportunities for further development.


The purpose of Meaning, Purpose, Potential is to clearly identify where people find meaning, realise purpose and unlock potential in a particular situations.  By identifying and naming what is meaningful to them, people are more  inclined to be more engaged in the work that they do and also to actively seek work that is meaningful not just to them but also to their colleagues and customers. By understanding and realising purpose, people are more likely to actively create value and be committed to consistently maintaining a powerful level of performance. By unlocking the potential, people naturally increase the on value and increase the value as an asset to any organisation that they are working in or with.


  • • To identify meaning in a particular situation
  • • To realise purpose in a particular situation
  • • To unlock potential in a particular situation
  • • To catalyse more meaningful work
  • • To encourage more purposeful work
  • • To engage with growth opportunity for individuals and teams
  • • To increase individual engagement
  • • To create collective purpose
  • • To develop currently undiscovered potential


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