The On The Threshold source method is a way to make sense of the actions and decisions that need to be taken to confidently step into an uncertain and complex challenge. It can also assist people in extending their comfort zone and developing autonomy.


The On The Threshold concept is based on the natural human behaviour of staying within comfort zones and avoiding stepping into uncertainty. When encountering an unknown and unfamiliar situation, it can often seem easier and safer not to step outside what is known and familiar. The boundary between certain and uncertain can often be perceived as a physical boundary that will be challenging to cross. In On The Threshold, this perceptual boundary is actually marked out as a physical boundary for participants to explore, navigate and choose to cross if they wish. It can be very useful when making a challenging decision or evaluating the psychological safety of a situation.


The purpose of On The Threshold is to delineate the edge of a perceived comfort zone in a particular situation, so that choices for going beyond it can be explored and understood from a place of psychological safety. The On The Threshold method can be used to physically describe a decision to be made, with its possible implications, both intentional and unintentional. It can also be used when a person, or a group of people, feel that they are being prevented from taking action by a situation which may appear to be beyond their control. The On The Threshold is also very useful when a person feels fearful about taking a particular course of action as it enables them to work with their perceptions of their own abilities and explore the perspectives of potential consequences.


  • • To move from theorising into action
  • • To make decisions in complex situations
  • • To move beyond comfort zones
  • • To develop psychological safety
  • • To understand the implications of the decision
  • • To gain control of an uncertain situation
  • • To affirm levels of confidence and feelings of safety


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