The Perception Reflection source method is a way to make sense of how people perceive themselves in a situation and how that is reflected in the perceptions of other people.


The Perception Reflection concept is based on the natural human behaviour that the perceptions that we hold about ourselves are quite often different from the perceptions that other people hold about us. People can also behave in a way that they feel will help them to be perceived more favourably by other people. This perception management process can result in unintended conflict and a lack of trust within a team or organisation. By using the Perceptive Reflection method to explore how a person’s perceptions may differ from how others perceive them, a person may also discover opportunities for self-development and growing their self-awareness.


The purpose of Perception Reflection is to clearly understand the differences between how a person perceives themselves and how other people perceive them, in a particular situation. By understanding the differences in perceptual viewpoints and the reason for that, people are less likely to use impression management, consciously or unconsciously. That also means that they will feel more comfortable about behaving authentically naturally leading to high level higher levels of trust in teams and organisations. The Perceptive Reflection method is also very useful in understanding the personal qualities and characteristics that may be required to navigate a specific challenge.


  • • To understand self-perceptions
  • • To understand perceptions held by others
  • • To make sense of the differences between self-perceptions and other perceptions
  • • To encourage authentic action
  • • To develop personal qualities
  • • To develop valuable characteristics that may be dormant
  • • To build trust and mutual understanding
  • • To move beyond impression management into authentic relationships


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