The Perceptive Perspective source method is a way to make sense of how a person is generating their perceptions and forming their perspectives about a situation.


The Perceptive Perspective concept is based on the natural human behaviour of trying to navigate uncertain and complex situations by understanding who they are in that situation and who they may need to become, and also understanding where they are in that situation and where they would like to go. Perceptive Perspective enables people to identify the different possible versions of who they are in the situation and provides the opportunity to choose the most effective person to be in that situation and the most effective person to become. The Perceptive Perspective also uses a cartographic triangulation process to help people understand where they are and where they need to navigate to.


The purpose of Perceptive Perspective is to develop self-awareness and situational awareness. Self-awareness is developed by enabling people to clearly identify who they are in a situation and who they need to become to achieve their chosen outcome. Situational awareness is also developed by enabling people to orient themselves so that they can identify where they are and the direction of they are choosing to move forward in. People can also use the Perceptive Perspective process to make sense of who they have been and where they have come from. As they do so, they naturally develop a sense of the natural and continuing development of the self awareness and situational awareness.


  • • To develop self-awareness and situational awareness
  • • To make sense of the best way to show up in a situation
  • • To understand how different approaches might be more effective in achieving  an outcome
  • • To make sense of personal development arcs
  • • To make sense of expectations by drawing on past experiences
  • • To identify opportunities for self-development
  • • To identify opportunities for collective development
  • • To be more innovative
  • • To be more effective in complex and uncertain situations
  • • To identify and resolve Impostor Syndrome


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