The Perceptual Arcs source method is a way to make sense of how a person is perceiving the different aspects of a situation and how they identify with those perceptions.


The Perceptual ArcsĀ concept is based on the natural human process of perception generation and perspective forming, where People naturally perceive themselves to be located in the centre of a circle of self-awareness and situational awareness. Perceptions of the self naturally emerge the boundary the inner world and outer world, so the Perceptual Arcs method enables a person to explore the range of perceptions they may be generating about a situation. It may be that they can clearly identify a specific perception or they may identify a range of perceptions for further exploration and clarification. As the actively engage with their perceptions, people naturally feel more self-aware and able to act in a more authentic and decisive manner.


The purpose of Perceptual ArcsĀ is to develop wider and deeper awareness of the perceptual boundaries between idealisations of the inner world and the realities of the outer world. As the self emerges at the boundary of the inner world and outer world, the Perceptual Arcs process enables users to explore their self-perceptions and how these emerge, exist and evolve in different situations. As they engage with a different self-perceptions, people have the opportunity to move beyond habits, protocols and rituals that may have been preventing them from finding meaning, purpose and potential in a situation or series of situations.


  • • To engage with self-perceptions as they emerge, exist and evolve
  • • To make sense of different viewpoints and perspectives
  • • To differentiate between what is theoretical and what is practical
  • • To develop self-awareness
  • • To develop situational awareness
  • • To achieve wider and deeper understanding of a situation
  • • To feel more centred and grounded
  • • To see the big picture from a range of perspectives


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