The Permission Mission source method is a way to make sense of apparent permission boundaries and how to navigate any tensions encountered in navigating them.


The Permission Mission concept is based on the natural human behaviour of seeking permission from other people before embarking on an activity that has an uncertain outcome and potentially undesired consequences. Often, people seek permission to take action or make a decision because they are unsure of their own abilities or lack confidence in them.  The Permission Mission process uses the physical action of crossing a boundary into another physical space to reflect the human process of giving permission to the self to embark on a course of action. By reflecting the feelings and emotions around seeking permission in a physical act, people feel that they have more agency a choice in a particular situation, permitting them to act in the way that they feel is most appropriate.


The purpose of Permission Mission is to help people make decisions and take actions that may take them outside their comfort zone. Rather than always seeking the comfort of permission being given by another person or procedure, the Permission Mission process invites people To explore their own permission boundaries, making it easier for them to take meaningful action and be more decisive. By taking control of their own permission boundaries, people naturally become more autonomous and self-aware. As they develop their self awareness through using the Permission Mission method, the also become more situationally aware of the permission boundaries of other people.


  • • To speed up decision-making
  • • To move beyond comfort zones
  • • To influence authority
  • • To encourage autonomy
  • • To develop self-awareness
  • • To develop situational awareness
  • • To develop psychological safety


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