The Plot Points source method is a way to make sense of the wider context and connections that inform and surround the data points being collected from a situation.


The Plot Points concept is based on the natural human behaviour of perceiving any series of events, or outcomes, as a story. Even though there are only a few data points, people will unconsciously form these into a narrative as a way of attributing intention, meaning and purpose to an ongoing situation or outcome. The Plot Points process locates data points and observations in a natural human story structure so that meaningful action can be clearly identified rather than just being ambiguously implied. Identifying Plot Points also provides people with the opportunity to explore and understand potential outcomes and to choose what outcomes would be most meaningful and purposeful for them.


The purpose of Plot Points is to clearly identify and understand the meaning and purpose from data points and observations by identifying and clarifying their connections and relationships. By working with data points and observations as part of a deeper and wider story, people have the opportunity to be more inspired and engaged in the work that they are doing. The Plot Points method also provides the opportunity to move beyond stories that are no longer relevant or maybe actively acting against desired outcomes. Understanding what a particular data point or observation means to someone is far more powerful than just measuring a variable.


  • • To understand the stories behind the data
  • • To identify what is most meaningful in a dataset
  • • To realise the purpose of a dataset
  • • To make sense of the relationships between objective data and subjective experience
  • • To move beyond analytical assumptions about a dataset
  • • To resolve paradoxical and contradictory datasets
  • • To see the bigger picture beyond individual data points
  • • To understand the context of data
  • • To work with data at a systemic level


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