The Purpose Journey source method is a way to make sense of the purpose of a particular organisational transformation by working with the needs of being fulfilled and the value being created.


The Purpose Journey concept is based on the natural human process of people navigating conceptual space using the same perceptions and perspectives as they do when navigating physical space. When navigating any organisational transformation or change, people will naturally, implicitly or explicitly, describe the process as a journey. The Purpose Journey uses that natural understanding to help people navigate a conceptual journey by inviting them to embark on an actual structured journey. As they navigate the structured process of the Purpose Journey in a physical environment, they invariably find themselves making more sense of the conceptual journey and the most successful way to navigate to their chosen outcome.


The purpose of the Purpose Journey method is to navigate a complex and uncertain situation to a successful outcome. By representing conceptual stages as physical steps in the real world, people naturally become more aware of their perceptions and perspectives on a particular change or transformation process. By bringing these conceptual stages to life as physical steps, people have the opportunity to understand the actions that they need to take, rather than just always idealising those transformational stages as concepts. The journey log that is completed as the Purpose Journey progresses becomes an action plan describing a series of steps to navigate complexity and uncertainty as effectively as possible.


  • • To navigate complexity
  • • To step into and engage with uncertainty
  • • To transform perspectives
  • • To make sense of a range of different perspectives
  • • To move ideas into reality
  • • To simulate the steps required to make progress
  • • To move beyond concepts and theories
  • • To develop confidence and encourage exploration


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