The Simplify And Exaggerate source method is a way to make sense of the best way to clarify and communicate a concept or vision so that it resonates more powerfully with a group of people, providing a sense of meaning and purpose.


The Simplify And Exaggerate concept is based on the natural human process of myth formation and story sharing. This process of mythpoesis is not just a way to relate data and facts. Instead, working with myths and stories is away of sharing perceptions and perspectives on meaning and purpose. Human perspective formation and perception generation actively seeks to reduce cognitive load so that cognitive processes are biologically efficient as possible. It does this by using process of compression and expansion, where meaning is extracted from a narrative and compressed this into perceptual patterns, and then expanded from those compressed patterns when the story or myth is shared. The Simplify And Exaggerate method is a process of reduction and embellishment, where unneeded information is reduced and then is embellished to make it appear more meaningful and purposeful.


The purpose of Simplify And Exaggerate is to clearly identify meaning, purpose and potential in a situation by removing data and information that is perceived to be meaningless from a narrative. By doing so meaning is emphasised and the narrative becomes a vehicle for conveying that meaning in a powerful and purposeful story. The Simplify And Exaggerate method can be very useful in creating a powerful vision or strategy that will be memorable and easy to relate beyond its initiators. The process of simplifying and exaggerating also enables people to identify what is important to them and what is important to the people that they are sharing their perceptions and perspectives with.


  • • To clearly identify what is most meaningful in a situation
  • • To understand the significance of the most powerful perceptions in the situation
  • • To move beyond what is meaningless to articulate a meaningful message
  • • To convey a powerful and purposeful story
  • • To create a powerful vision and openly share it
  • • To disseminate a company strategy with clarity and precision
  • • To develop an understanding of what is important in a situation and what is not
  • • To distill the meaning from narratives into powerful coherent stories
  • • To scale behaviours and influence collective outcomes


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