The Step Into Uncertainty source method is a way to make sense of how to feel psychologically safe and confident when entering in to an apparently complex and uncertain situation.


The Step Into Uncertainty  concept is based on the natural human behaviour of trying to avoid uncertainty and conflict by idealising outcomes, rather than engaging with them in reality. The possible outcomes for complex and uncertain situations are often idealised in euphemisms and platitudes that never actually result in effective resolution and action. Rather than idealising outcomes, process identifies tensions, helps understand contributions to those tensions, provides options and invites action.


The purpose of Step Into Uncertainty  is to clearly identify tensions, uncertainties and ambiguities. It is a way to surface underlying tension and identify how to resolve it. Many tensions emerge because people think that actions were intentional and intended to compromise them in some way. By actually naming tensions and identifying contributions to them, by claiming what we might be contributing, we can move beyond ambiguous intentional/unintentional perceptions. After naming tensions and claiming contributions, gaming our options opens up the possibilities we have to resolve conflict and move beyond tension. Acting on these choices gives participants agency and helps them to team any tension or conflict.


  • • To clearly identify tensions, uncertainties and ambiguities
  • • To surface and resolve underlying tensions
  • • To move beyond comfort zones into action
  • • To explore novel practices and methods
  • • To develop skills beyond previously perceived limits
  • • To engage with and resolve impostor syndrome
  • • To open up new possibilities for self-development
  • • To navigate uncertainty by proactively engaging with it
  • • To develop psychological safety through self-affirmation


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