The Strategy Map source method is a way to make sense of a range of different perspectives and individual perceptions about the best strategies to employ to achieve particular outcomes.


The Strategy Map concept is based on the natural human process of using cognitive linguistics and embodied cognition to describe a route to a strategic outcome in terms of the physical environment. When exploring the different ways to achieving the intended strategic result, people naturally want to know where they are just now, where they are trying to get to, and where everyone else is coming from. By representing potential strategies as routes across topographic physical landscape, people can explore their options for moving from their current strategic position to the desired strategic position. Strategy maps can also be combined among a group of people, enabling them to share perspectives and identify common ground.


The purpose of the Strategy MapĀ is to provide a wider situational awareness when understanding strategic options, so that they can be explored in a practical methodical manner. By viewing potential strategic implementations as routes on a topographical map, a group can explore different ways of implementing the most effective strategy. The physical production of strategy maps also enables people to understand the context more clearly, so that they can decide the best way forward. The strategy map also provides the space for a team of an organisation to share perspectives and understand where they have common ground.


  • • To develop a deeper understanding of strategic options
  • • To methodically explore strategy choices
  • • To simulate a range of strategic implementations
  • • To develop a wider and deeper situational awareness
  • • To decide the best way forward
  • • To collectively share perspectives
  • • To collectively identify common ground



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