The Self Beyond The Self source method is a way to make sense of the the relationships and connections between individual people and other people, and also places, events and objects.


The Self Beyond The Self concept is based on the natural human process of disseminating aspects of the self beyond the boundary between inner and outer worlds. Although it is conventional to think of the self as being entirely contained within an individual’s body, the reality is that identities, needs and beliefs are actually disseminated into people, places, events and objects beyond the physical boundary of the body. The self emerges, exists and evolves at the boundary of the inner world and the outer world, where inner biological processes meet the outer world environment. The disseminated self can be observed in a wide range of situations, such as animism and parasocial behaviours.


The purpose of The Self Beyond The Self  is to develop deeper and wider awareness of how perceptions of the self are disseminated into people, places, events and objects beyond the physical body. This process of dissemination occurs at a largely unconscious level and so it can be challenging to identify what has been disseminated and consciously reconnect with.  Working with The Self Beyond The Self process enables individuals to reclaim their identities, needs and beliefs. Reclaiming identities enables individuals to clarify who they feel they really are and who other people or situations appear to expect them to be. Reclaiming individual power naturally empowers them by enabling them to claim their power and own it, rather than feeling that other people have power over them. Reclaiming beliefs helps people to put situations into perspective by clarifying the different viewpoints of individual beliefs and cultural beliefs.

  • To develop a deeper and wider awareness of the perceptual process
  • To determine individual identities and what is most meaningful
  • To reclaim individual power and what is most valuable
  • To make sense of individual beliefs and what has most potential
  • To develop empathy
  • To develop compassion
  • To gain empowerment
  • To mediate and resolve power dynamics
  • To develop awareness of what is culturally significant
  • To develop awareness of individual meaning, purpose and potential

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