The To, From, Beyond source method is a way to make sense of what perceptions and perspectives people are attracted to, which ones they move away from and what they  would like to explore beyond these specific perceptions and perspectives.


The To, From, Beyond concept is based on the natural human behaviour of people representing their conceptual relationship to a choice as a physical relationship to that choice. Rather than just simply seeing their choices as a binary options like tick marks in a box, the To, From, Beyond method helps people to understand the relationship to that choice. This  provides the opportunity to further develop self-awareness and situational awareness. By identifying where they are being drawn to a choice, distancing themselves from that choice, or seeing other choices beyond that choice, people understand the choices from a systemic perspective. y through the action of speaking. When asked the question, we usually think we have to provide an expert and certain response straight away, rather than observing what thoughts and feelings are emerging into awareness.


The purpose of To, From, Beyond  is to help people understand their relationships to the choices that they have the opportunity to make so that they can further develop their self-awareness and situational awareness around those choices. To, From, Beyond can be used to see the wider patterns of how a team or group relate to particular choices and explore any tensions or challenges within the group based on their choices. The To, From, Beyond method can also be used as a voting system to make a group choice and decide on a particular outcome. As well as being attracted towards the choice or distancing  themselves from it, the group can also choose to explore beyond that choice to potentially better choices and outcomes.


  • • To understand relationships to potential choices
  • • To explore opportunities for development
  • • To let go of what is no longer useful
  • • To develop self-awareness and situational awareness
  • • To see the wider patterns in the group perspectives
  • • To make collective choices as a group and decide on  a particular outcome
  • • To explore potentially better choices and outcomes
  • • To move beyond groupthink
  • • To confidently express individual perspectives


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