The Unabling Or Enabling source method is a way to make sense of what aspects of a particular situation are enabling healthy progress to be made and which aspects  may be preventing that from happening.


The Unabling Or Enabling concept is based on the natural human processes of how people engage with a particular situation or disengage from it, based on their perceptions and perspectives. Often, people will feel that they are able to take a decision or take action due to some enabling factors, or unable to take action or make a decision because of those factors. The factors enabling or enabling actions and decisions can sometimes seem vague and ambiguous, so the Unabling Or Enabling method helps people to identify the factors that they feel are encouraging them to take action or preventing them from taking action. These factors are often not physical challenges but theoretical and emotional challenges.


The purpose of Unabling Or Enabling is to clearly identify what is helping a person or group of people to move forward and also to identify but they feel is holding you back from taking action or making a decision. Often, people may seem unable to take action or make a decision even though they have all the resources and practical support that they need to take that action. By understanding these usually intangible motivators and constraints, obstacles to progress can be removed. The Unabling Or Enabling method can also be used to identify what will clearly inspire people to take action and move forward and what will influence them to do nothing even though the opportunity is there.


  • • To clearly identify what is needed to move forward
  • • To make sense of what is holding a group or individual back
  • • To make a decision more quickly
  • • To take action more quickly
  • • To make sense of intangible motivators and constraints
  • • To remove obstacles to progress
  • • To inspire action
  • • To influence a group in a positive and healthy manner
  • • To move beyond fear into self affirmation


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