About Human Journeys

A Human Journey is a progression through a range of perceptions and perspectives where meaning can be found, purpose realised and potential unleashed. Human Journeys are a way of making sense of the progress that you are making through this range of perceptions and perspectives.

The function of the Journeys Space is not to absolutely define your perceptions and perspectives on your journey. They are intended to guide you on your quest to find meaning, realise purpose and unleash potential .

You may often find yourself identifying different arcs in your journey as you progress through different situations, so just play around with the Journeys Space to make more sense of your journey and how to arrive at where you want to be.


The Name It. Claim It. Game It. Tame It. concept is based on the natural human behaviour of trying to avoid uncertainty and conflict by idealising outcomes, rather than engaging with them in reality. The possible outcomes for complex and uncertain situations are often idealised in euphemisms and platitudes that never actually result in effective resolution and action. Rather than idealising outcomes, process identifies tensions, helps understand contributions to those tensions, provides options and invites action.


The purpose of Name It. Claim It. Game It. Tame It. is to clearly identify tensions, uncertainties and ambiguities. It is a way to surface underlying tension and identify how to resolve it. Many tensions emerge because people think that actions were intentional and intended to compromise them in some way. By actually naming tensions and identifying contributions to them, by claiming what we might be contributing, we can move beyond ambiguous intentional/unintentional perceptions. After naming tensions and claiming contributions, gaming our options opens up the possibilities we have to resolve conflict and move beyond tension. Acting on these choices gives participants agency and helps them to team any tension or conflict.

  • To identify and resolve tensions that are usually unspoken or avoided.
  • To differentiate between intentional and unintentional actions.
  • To identify fundamental elements in ambiguous and uncertain situations.
  • To understand options for taking action.
  • To claim contribution so positive action can be taken rather than just automatically apportioning blame.
  • Psychological safety
Human Journeys Arcs

The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead is where there is an initiation of meaningful action and assertion of ambition, often with intense focus on pioneering significant results and outcomes.

On Solid Ground
On Solid Ground is where there is a sense of definite purpose, often based on maintaining consistent stability and accumulating valuable and practical resources.

Something In The Air
Something In The Air is where there is curiosity about new ideas and theories, often supported by studying current information and exchanging a variety of concepts.

Crossing The Threshold
Crossing The Threshold is where there is a feeling of leaving the safety and security of a comfort zone, often challenging habitual instincts and protective routines.

Recognising The Way
Recognising The Way is where there is the realisation of creative power and purpose, often through encouraging performances that confidently display real value.

Over The Bridge
Over The Bridge is where there is a clearer awareness of differing perspectives, often helping to integrate particular ambiguities and clarify specific dilemmas.

At The Crossroads
At The Crossroads is where there is a crucial decision to be made, often by making a finely judged commitment to persuasively influencing a decisive outcome.

Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool is where there is a deep transformation of existing desires, often revealing hidden depths and powerfully resulting in the renewal of profound purpose.

Wide Open Spaces
Wide Open Spaces are where there are potential opportunities to explore other perspectives and beliefs, often leading to increased awareness of further possibilities.

Rising To The Challenge
Rising to The Challenge is where there is acknowledgement of practical realities, often formally building on established structures and organising practical actions.

Bend In The Road
Bend In The Road is where there is an unusual change of direction, often providing original concepts and resulting in unexpected and surprisingly valuable progress.

At Journey’s End
At Journey’s End is where there is an awareness of a greater and more encompassing vision, often giving the inspiration to continue beyond any limiting beliefs.


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