Culture is the often unseen space that an organisation operates in and by actively developing that space, an organisation can dramatically increase its effectiveness. Culture is often seen as a thing, some sort of object that can be upgraded or simply removed and the new culture plugged in. In reality, however, culture is not some reified object; culture is all the connections between every aspect of an organisation, including the people, places events and objects in the organisation, and all the stories that are told about them. The Evolve Your Culture Human Stack helps people to understand their organisational stories and how their individual stories relate to those wider story arcs. The Evolve Your Culture Human Stack is constructed by using these Human Sources.

Emerging, Existing, Evolving

Human Cultures Amplifiers

Imaginal. Validated. Symbolic. Disseminated.

Mythic Or Scientific?

Organisational Islands

Perception Reflection

Perceptual Arcs

Unspoken Stories